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Bislig City, a vibrant and livable city geared towards producing agricultural and aquamarine products and becoming a leading eco-tourism destination in Southeastern Philippines.This vision of the City Government of Bislig empowers the city officials and employees to create measures and provide tools to enhance the lives of Bisliganons.

The advent of technology is now helping us reach Bisliganons all over the world.  Let us support the advocacy of our local government for the good of our people.

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CITY MAYOR Librado C. Navarro together with eleven other city officers and officials are attending the Basic Class modules of the Performance Governance System (PGS) in Amorita Resort, Panglao, Bohol from February 2-4, 2015.

The event is conducted by the Institute for the Solidarity in Asia. The Basic Class features module on the fundamentals of the PGS with reference to the initiation and compliance stages. It features an underlying theme of laying down the groundwork on what governance reform entails.

Mayor Librado C. Navarro together with other attendees intends to serve the Bisliganons with the best government system.

With the new strategies they will learn from the said seminar, we can expect Bislig Team’s governance capabilities to further strengthen and to connect them to a larger movement for transformation in the public sector.

The attendees are Mayor Librado C. Navarro, Atty. Leoderico P. Avila, Atty. Daisy A. Ronquillo, Mr. Charlito R. Lerog, Mr. Aprodecio A. Alba Jr., Mr. Renefredo G. Camba , Mr. Jose O. Climaco Jr., Mrs. Primacar R. Subibi, Mrs. Olivia P. Bagasbas, Ms. Alice D. Millan, Mr. Demetrio A. Diga Jr., Mr. Rusderco C. Formarejo: city office heads and officials.

Bislig City Officials: Mayor Librado C. Navarro and SP Member Gines Ricky J. Sayawan, Sr. join the group of differently-abled persons during their production number.

The saying “those who have less, give more” was no more than a strong belief of Hon. Librado C. Navarro. Until, he encouraged the group of PWD’s of this city to hold a certain occasion that will not only prove his belief right, but at the same time will enable the PWDs to change their current image as assistance-needing people.

Hon. Mayor Librado C. Navarro spearheaded the creation of a steering committee for events, chaired by the City Administrator Mr. Charlito Lerog, and in association with the Persons with Disability Affairs Office, through the office head Joselito Buenaflor, a fund raising activity which was held December 6, 2014. The “Gasa: A Theatrical Performance Featuring the Persons with Disability of Bislig City” was a very successful event with the full support and cooperation of various local and national government agencies, BCCWSP, GOs/ NGOs and POs.

According to the report of the PDAO Head, Joselito Buenaflor, these PWDs thru their fund raising activity “GASA” were able to raise a total amount of Php 151, 290.00 and were also able to give financial assistance to four livelihood projects, namely: Candle Making at Bgy. Cumawas with the amount of Php 5,000; Catering by the Deaf Association at Bgy. Mangagoy amounting to Php 10,000; Woodcraft and Furniture of Bgy. Kahayag and Bgy. Tabon at the amount of Php 20,000; lastly, Hog Raising at Bgy. San Fernando at Php 5,000. A total of 43 adult PWDs availed and benefited financial assistance from the proceeds of this variety show of the differently-abled persons.

Aside from assisting certain livelihood projects, the PDAO was also able to support the academe group by giving learning materials to Mangagoy SPED Elementary School, amounting to Php 21,000;

Mangagoy Resource Center at Php 5,000; Tabon SPED High School at Php 10,000; And for Brgy. San Vicente at Php 5,000. A total of 95 PWD children were given the opportunity of new learning instruments for a brighter future. They also supported the constructions of the buildings of the Caramcam Elementary School and Mabog Elementary School with the total assistance of Php 10,000 each school, and at the same time benefiting 29 PWD children.

The said variety show has been an effective way of showcasing the talents of the differently-abled persons and at the same time, enabling them to raise funds not only for themselves but for the privileged and less privileged PWDs alike. The image of the PWDs as the people to be helped out by the government and the private sector was eradicated; instead they became gift-givers to those who are in need. They were once known as “disabled persons”, now they are “differently-abled” people whose physical abilities and capabilities maybe limited up to certain point – some maybe unable to talk, hear, see, walk, and even mentally challenged– but were able to prove that having less does not hinder them from giving more. Help is not what they seek; instead it is what they give.

After the event, Mayor Navarro has recognized the efforts of all Bislig’s differently-abled persons in making the show possible and he was proud to say that the PWDs were never a burden; instead they are strong contributors to the development and progress of Bislig City.

After the dinner Most Rev. Nerio P. Odchimar, Bishop of the Diocese of Tandag, posed with the former Seminarians here in Bislig City led by Mayor Librado C. Navarro
Bislig City – The Local Government Unit Officials here through the initiative of City Mayor Librado C. Navarro recently hosted a dinner for a cause that eventually raised a total of five hundred fifty thousand pesos (P550,000.00) in cash plus one million and  two hundred fifty thousand pesos (P1,250,000.00) of pledges from various businessmen, previous and current City Government Officials and Employees.
In his message, Mayor Navarro emphasized the valued call he got from the Diocese of Tandag Bishop, Most Rev. Nereo P. Odchimar, who shared to him the required financial assistance for the completion of the new San Nicholas de Tolentino Cathedral ongoing construction.
It may be noted that Bishop Odchimar ’s 74th birthday was on the 16th of October. This prompted Mayor Navarro to set the dinner for a cause on the same date. The valued presence of the celebrant himself and some of the singing priests from other parishes within the diocese highlighted the event.
After the Bishop’s call, Mayor Navarro met the Bislig Association of Development oriented Government Executives (BADGE) composed of the City’s Assistants and Department Heads. Navarro requested them to act on the invitation’s preparation and its immediate distribution to all possible diners from the non-government and government organizations within and outside the City of Bislig.
Bishop Odchimar ’s pose with Mayor Librado C. Navarro (L) and Vice Mayor Jonas Cacayan (R)
As expected the presence of almost all invited government and non government officials filled the City’s Sports and Cultural Center. The contributions from the Business Sector, Officials and Members of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines, Officials and Personnel from the National Government Agencies, Department of Education, Department of Public Works and Highways, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Department of Health, Surigao del Sur I Electric Cooperative Inc., Bislig City Water District, Religious Sector, BADGE Officers and Members, previous and present Provincial government officials and others have  easily raised the amount of five hundred fifty thousand pesos.
The dinner cost only two thousand pesos per plate, City Planning and Development Office Head and BADGE Chair Aprodecio Alba said. With the cash amount raised that night, several guests who are mostly from the construction business offered additional pledges. With Mayor Navarro’s intervention, they have expressed their willingness to support Bishop Odchimar ’s call for assistance in the completion of the Tandag Diocese Cathedral construction.
In his message, Bishop Odchimar expressed his deep appreciation to the spirit of support displayed by the Local Government Unit Officials of Bislig City and all the Bisliganons for the construction completion of the Tandag Diocese Cathedral.
Source: CIO


With Tinuy-an Falls, the countrys version of Niagara Falls as a backdrop, PHLPost launched the third set of topical stamps featuring seven "wonder" falls in a program held in Bislig City, Surigao Del Sur in 7 November 2014.

PHLPost Postmaster General and CEO Josie M. Dela Cruz presented the said third quarter issuance of topical stamps to Surigao del Sur Governor Johnny Pimentel and Bislig City Mayor Librado C. Navarro, two of the top local executives in the said home of Tinuy-an Falls.
The stamps feature photos of seven waterfalls in the country shot by FUNtastic Philippines whose members are travel and photography enthusiasts who hope to showcase the grandeur of the Philippines through photos.
One of the primary features in the stamps is the Tinuy-an Falls in the southern island of Mindanao. It is the main tourist attraction in Bislig, a city known as the “Booming City by the Bay.”
Tinuy-an Falls, which measures 95 meters wide and 55 meters high and touted as "Niagara Falls of the Philippines," is a white water curtain that flows in three levels and is said to be the widest waterfall in the Philippines. Every morning, the area shows a rainbow between 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Postmaster General Dela Cruz said that the issuance of topical stamps has been a tradition in order to highlight tourist destinations and attractions in the country to popularize them and lure more tourists.
The six other falls featured in the third quarter issuance are: Balagbag Falls and Pinlac Falls (Quezon Province), Merloquet Falls (Zamboanga City), Tinago Falls (Lanao Del Norte), Hagimit Falls (Samal Island), and Asik-asik Falls (North Cotabato).
About 104,000 copies of the topical stamps featuring different waterfalls, in four designs, were printed using imported unwatermarked paper, in PhP10.00 denomination. Also available are souvenir sheets sold at PhP40.00 each.
The photos of the falls featured in the stamps were shot by Rolino Bucao Jr., Ruwen Verdaguer, Jeffrey Rilles, and Teofanes Ramiro; while those in the souvenir sheet and OFDCs (Official First Day Covers) were by Loel Lamela, Richelli Castellano, and Jerson Flores. Jose Antonio A. Jayme is the layout artist.
The topical stamps and souvenir sheets are available at the Post Shop, Philately and Museum Division, Manila Central Post Office, Door 203, Liwasang Bonifacio, 1000 Manila and at all Regional Offices of PHLPost.
Source: www.phlpost.gov.ph

Bislig City – “Solution to our country’s long felt power shortage problem must not be relied solely to the national government’s concern, it highly needs the local government units’ initiative”, City Mayor Librado C. Navarro in a recent press statement said.

“The frequent scheduled and non-scheduled power interruptions imposed by our electric cooperative due to the power supply shortage here will not only disturb the City’s peace and order situation. It will surely dragged down the local economy to the disadvantage of the majority, hence the need is there for the City Officials to act”, Navarro said.

This developed after the recent coal fired plant visit at Novosibirsk, Republic of Russia by City Mayor Navarro, Vice Mayor Jonas Cacayan and some members of the City’s Legislative Council. “The committees’ functions of the City Legislators who went with us are required in the process of solving the local power shortage problem”, Navarro said.

Asked why the plant visit was in Russia considering the cost of travel, Navarro instead shared the idea of thanking IQ Demy, a Switzerland based company whose plant factory site is located at Novosibirsk, Russia. “They are our trip’s sponsor with all the best accommodation accorded to us”, Navarro added.

It may be noted that one of the issues raised against the coal powered plant construction is the environmental impact. For this purpose, IQ Demy requested City Mayor Navarro to invite a representative from the religious sector to see for himself how safe and eco-friendly is the company’s technology in terms of air and water pollution, Navarro said.

Mnsgr. Jaime Panares, Parish Priest of Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parish located at Poblacion, Bislig City went with the group’s Russia visit. Asked what he had observed, “we need to effectively inform the people that IQ Demy has long been engaged in the same line of business for seventy (70) years already”, he answered.

Sources said, Russian Government is one of the very strict countries on environmental concerns, but IQ Demy’s technology passed without questions.

Reliable sources said, IQ Demy will be installing the same kind of modular coal powered plant in Indonesia by July and some of its plants are already operating in other countries like Siberia.

In a related development, Navarro said that the immediate and possible construction of the modular coal powered plant here in Bislig by IQ Demy will serve as additional revenue source of the City. “This will mean additional public service delivery for the benefit of the City’s constituents”, he stated.

Asked what will be the counterpart of the City in the plant construction, “We will be the one to shoulder the cost of the building construction and the site acquisition. But there will be no cost at all because it will be deductible to the City’s share in the span of 20 years”, Navarro answered.

Navarro further explained that IQ Demy just wanted to secure the sustainability of their company  by coursing their operation to the City of Bislig and for the Local Government Unit to supply SURSECO I.

“A Memorandum of Agreement between IQ Demy, SURSECO I and Bislig City will be signed right after all sustainable and sound arrangements will be finalized,” the City’s Management Consultant Atty. Avila said.

It may be noted that SURSECO I needs additional power supply due to the Mindanao power shortage. In a meeting with the Coop’s Board of Directors and its General Manager Joceler Moralda, SURSECO I assured Navarro that they need to be supplied by additional power the soonest possible time to avoid the inconvenience of power interruption recurrence within their area coverage.

Navarro clarified that the advantage of the IQ Demy’s modular coal powered plant is the short time frame of its construction and installation. “The construction and instrument installation will only last for a maximum of 10 to 11 months compared to other power producers which will last for four (4) to five (5) years”, Navarro said.

“Not to emphasize  the disadvantages of sourcing out power supply from very far power producers and the risk of possible peace and order conflicts that could directly affect the long electrical lines from the source to the City of Bislig, this modular coal powered plant will be constructed close to the sub-stations of our electric cooperative”, Navarro added.

“In short if the project will soon be accomplished, the transmission and systems loss cost due to the distance of the power source that is being imposed to the end users at present will be discarded and will therefore mean additional advantage to the consumers”, Navarro finally said.

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