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Bislig City, The Model City for Organic Agriculture in the Philippines by 2020. This vision of the City Government of Bislig empowers the city officials and employees to create measures and provide tools to enhance the lives of Bisliganons.

The advent of technology is now helping us reach Bisliganons all over the world.  Let us support the advocacy of our local government for the good of our people.

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Bislig City – Mayor Librado C. Navarro successfully defended Bislig City’s achievements in compliance to its enrollment to the Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA) at Makati City recently.

ISA is an independent body that helps various agencies and Local Government Units (LGU) in achieving a sound Performance Governance System. ISA also oversees the enrollee’s journey in planning and collaboration with other civic organizations; evaluate their development plan and performance without biases. The performance of an enrollee refers to their fulfillment of every stage of the Performance Governance System (PGS).

The PGS drives four stages such as: initiation, compliance, proficiency and institutionalization. Each of the stages has corresponding activity to be accomplished by the participating agency or local government unit. At the 1st stage or Initiation, the local government must formulate a clear view of its target pertaining to different subjects related to its growth – such as processes, employees and constituents by crafting a strong and attainable vision, mission and core values. The 2nd stage or Compliance will only be completed by cascading the PGS or informing and letting the employees participate in the accomplishment of the vision, as well as the establishment of the Office of Strategic Management (OSM) in order to facilitate the creation of a working committee that will ensure the sustainability of the PGS program.

The 3rd stage or Proficiency is the phase wherein the participation of the employees and the citizens in accomplishing the City’s vision is evident. The final stage or Institutionalization will show that the vision’s accomplishment became a way of life of all citizens.

Dubbed as “revalida”, the activity served as the final event of the first stage wherein public institutions’ breakthroughs will be assessed by ISA and a third party basing on Performance Governance System (PGS). With the newly crafted and officially adopted vision, mission, and core values, as well as the City’s efforts to tap other civic organizations, Bislig City has victoriously passed the Initiation stage.

Consequently, Mayor Librado C. Navarro scored a Plaque of Recognition for the City’s tireless pursuit of governance and long-term development in the service of the Philippines and the Filipinos. Jointly signed by Mr. Jesus P. Estanislao, Ph. D., President of Institute for Solidarity in Asia and Mr. John D. Sullivan, President of the Center for International Private Enterprise of Washington DC, United States of America, Mayor Navarro got the award last May 4, 2015 at Makati City, Philippines.

Source: CIO

Summer is not just for fun, beach, tan and relaxation.

“Summer means job: earning and learning,” The Local Government of the City of Bislig through Mayor Librado C. Navarro said.

Republic Act 7323, Special Program for the Employment of Students (SPES) has opened new doors of opportunities and knowledge for high school graduates and college students in the City of Bislig led by City Mayor, Hon. Librado C. Navarro in partnership with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

The government sees the need of students who wishes to finish their studies. Thus, this program aims to extend financial assistance for the educational expense of the SPES participants who will be enrolling for the next semester or school year.

The government wants the youth to understand that the parents are working diligently with a big responsibility. The LGU officials stressed that work is highly important that it requires patience and dedication. Students must know that it is not easy to earn money. With SPES, the youth are being taught of the value of hardwork, education and family.

 It has been noted that while the times are changing, the man’s culture and values gets less attention. Mayor Navarro wants to change the kind of perspective to strengthen the virtues of today’s Bislig Youth knowing that they can contribute to the city’s development.

The program started on the 14th of April and will end on the 14th of May. The 400 SPES participants have undergone seminars on City Development Plan, Career Development and Youth Values Enhancement. They also had an orientation for a ten-day survey for the Local Information of Bislig Survey System (LIBSS).

In their given time and effort, they will receive 200 pesos per day, sixty percent of which is from the Local Government Unit and forty percent is from DOLE that will be in a form of an educational voucher to pay the school fees of the participants.

SPES may just be an annual summer program but the government intends that the result will be for the benefit of the students’ educational attainment and for their respective families.

Source: CIO

Bislig City – Mayor Librado C. Navarro recently announced to conduct a 5-day seminar-workshop on Barangay Administration and Good Governance to all officials of the City’s twenty four (24) barangays starting March this year.

In a meeting yesterday with the City’s Technical Working Group (TWG),  Navarro stressed the need to lay the basic grounds for development to all barangay officials as part of the Local Government Unit’s thrust in attaining its vision to be a model organic City by the year 2020.

Mayor Navarro recently enrolled Bislig City in the list of the country’s municipalities and cities that openly accepted the good governance strategies and programs initiated by the Institute for Solidarity in Asia (ISA), this paper gathered.

The seminar’s preliminaries will expose the Barangay Officials on value formation and moral recovery as the basic foundations for good governance towards the achievement of their vision and mission coupled with the core values crafting for their respective barangays.


“They will be immersed on topics related to Barangay Development Planning, Governance and Administration with details on the structures and organization,” Mayor Navarro declared.

With the participation of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) City Director, the barangay officials will be able to score additional inputs on Barangay Legislation and Parliamentary Rules of Procedures, this paper learned.

The seminar design also pushed on strengthening the Lupong Tagapamayapa practices, enhancing the services of the Barangay Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council, Solid Wasted Management and Peace and Order Committees, Health Board, Agricultural Organic and Fishery Councils.


source: CIO



April 8, 2015 – Bislig City scored another national award by bagging the Most Outstanding Component City Mayor Category throughout the Philippines during the 19th Annual National Social Welfare and Development Forum and General Assembly at SMX Convention Center, Pasay City.

There are three categories in the Most Outstanding Mayor award: Urbanized, Component City and Municipality. Out of the thousands of Mayors in the Philippines, Bislig City Mayor Hon. Librado C. Navarro topped as the Most Outstanding Mayor in the country. Witnessed by thousands of aspirants, Vice-President Jejomar Binay turned-over the award to the City Mayor of Bislig.

The award recognizes the City Mayor’s examples and contribution for the strengthening of the social welfare and development programs and policies to his constituents. His leadership showed how important it is to serve the Bisliganons.

The city has grown and is creating more buzz in many ways. Bisliganons has made a path of improvement as loving, hospitable and as people ready to serve under the governance of City Mayor Librado C. Navarro, the Most Outstanding Mayor (Component City Mayor Category - Mindanao).

“The people does follow the head, what he is and what he does,” an observer remarked.

Source: CIO

Bislig City – The City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (CDRRMO) headed by Mr. Orbele Carmen conducted the three-day Vehicular Accident Medical Responders Training last February 19 to 21, 2015 at the City Hall Compound, Poblacion. Carmen designated Randy Bucani as the Course Coordinator being the President of the Bislig City Emergency Medical Responders. Officers and members of the Traffic Management Group led by the City Assistant Administrator Cicero Bacolod, SangguniangPanlungsod Member Aaron Castillo, Committee Chair on Disaster Preparedness and Management, as well as other City Medical Personnel attended the training as instructed by Mayor Librado C. Navarro.

As front liners and trained responders on the accident scenes, the CDRRMO included the Traffic Management Group in the training not only to implement the proper handling in transporting the victims of the accidents but also to assist in the immediate delivery of medical service.

There were 23 initial participant of the said training, 21 of which graduated. With the knowledge they gained, they are expected to share and propagate their learnings to their co-workers and subordinates in order to prevent any interruption in giving emergency medical responses. During the training, ‘doing the right things right on time’ was given significance for more injury prevention and save more lives and properties.

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